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    • TopoLT is an essential software for topographical and cadastral plans. With functions for quick drafting and automatic data processing you have a complete project in no time at all!

    • TopoLT, ProfLT and TransLT, the optimal solution for your topography and cadaster projects!Professional software to help you deliver projects faster and easier.

    • DTCPRO is an application for ZwCAD that increases the capacity of your CAD software in DTM design tasks, topographic calculation and drawing tools that help you get the best results and in the shortest time.

    • Images module is for working with aerial photographies, orthophotos and scanned maps in combination with vectorial drawings, as in Topography, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Archaeology, etc.

    • Surveys, digital terrain model, contours, profiles and volumes Standard version allows you to model a terrain using points captured by any total station or GPS, generate contours, get profiles and cross-sections, calculate volumes by grids or profiles difference and display 3-D views. Optional modules are Surveying,  Point Cloud and Images.

    • Coordinate transformations and calculation of total station surveys Surveying module is useful to manage total station measurements, calculate point coordinates, compensate traverses and networks, as well as perform coordinate transformations. This optional module requires MDT Standard version or Professional version.

    • Программа ПроГео предназначена для кадастровых инженеров и обеспечивает полный набор необходимых средств, автоматизирующих процесс подготовки документов.

    • TojoCAD offer powerful software solutions to Surveyors and Civil Engineers and dedicated to serve most powerful products to develop better, more presentable drawings and accurate reports. TojoCAD is economically priced; easy to use; and capable of addressing most of civil engineering and surveyors requirements.  
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