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Update Date:2018-06-30


Required application:ZWCAD 2018 Std

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Steel2D-DIN creates a variety of Steel Shapes in 2D views, Plan, Section and Elevation views based on DIN database. Create simple or complex shapes made from a single non-segmented polyline.

Shapes are created as a block to keep file size minimized.

Includes these steel shapes from the DIN library database:

  • HEB W-Shape
  • HEM W-Shape
  • HHD W-Shape
  • INP I-Beam
  • UNP Channel
  • UAP Channel
  • LNP Equal Angles
  • LNP Unequal Angles
  • ROR Round Pipes
  • RHS Equal Tubes
  • RHS Unequal Tubes
  • TPS Equal Tubes
  • TPS Unequal Tubes
  • MSH Equal tubes
  • MSH Unequal Tubes

Shape placement options include:

  • "Center"
  • "Top Left"
  • "Top Center"
  • "Top Right"
  • "Bottom Left"
  • "Bottom Center"
  • "Bottom Right"

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