$ 1500


Languages:English; Spanish; Portuguese

Size: 25 MB

Update Date:2015-08-20


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2012 Pro

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EPLANT-STH can be used to generate structural, trays and ducts found in Industrial Plant 3D Models. It uses a section and component library. Components automatically
connect themselves during insertion.

Graphic Files generated with EPLANT-STH have a compressed structure resulting in
very small sizes even for big models. For example, 1000 components can be contained in
no more than 700 Kbytes.

The system uses a library of tridimensional components defined parametrically and dimensional tables. Shapes and dimensions of each component can be changed by the user at will, that can also add new ones. Dimensions can also be introduced manually during
component generation.

The Data Base module allows to access Dimensional Tables of the existing components
and to generate Requisitions of computed Materials.

The generated components can be moved, rotated, shortened or enlarged to the ends.
ZWCAD commands COPY, MOVE, MIRROR can be used without any restriction. Graphic
elements generated with the ZWCAD COPY command retain all their proprieties.

All EPLANT-STH generated graphic files are 100% compatible with ZWCAD native
t, by which they can be opened, modified and plotted with ZWCAD alone.

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