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Update Date:2015-07-14


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro

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Using the different tools included in the CAD application, it is possible to formalise all the Health and Safety Site Plans (these plans obviously vary in accordance with the type of work: building work, civil works, etc): 

Residential building, industrial building and tertiary building: A wide variety of tools have been included for the implementation of the different plans for building work, collective protection, auxiliary means, machinery and equipment, signage, etc.

All of these are for the purposes of prevention during the different stages of the construction process, such as safety rails, canopies, nets, elevation machinery, work equipment, etc.

Rehabilitation, conservation, maintenance and demolition: The different tools included in the application will also allow you to draw up plans for repair, conservation, maintenance and demolition work, such as seat harnesses, descent equipment, rescue tripods, anti-fall devices and systems, auxiliary means, etc.

Civil works: A wide range of tools has been included in order to implement safety in the different types of civil work (town planning, conduits, bridges, underground work, highways, railways, purifying plants, desalination plants, maritime work).

This includes vertical and horizontal signage for highways, maritime work, railways and air travel, provisional traffic diversions, material storage, workshops and warehouses, shoring and centering. It also allows the positioning of work equipment and machinery, the establishment of routes, work spaces, etc.

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