PV3D for ZWCAD+ 2014 Pro

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Update Date:2014-10-09


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro

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PV3D is plugin for ZWCAD+ Pro used to develop 3D model of pressure vessel using input parameters. It generates accurate 3D model and can be used to create Elevation View and Plan View for General Arrangement Drawing. It also generates Bill of Materials for vessel and nozzles. These can be exported to excel csv file.

The plugin features a minimalistic and practical interface, resorting to tabs to organize its various functions, so you can access the one that you need, without having to waste too much time trying to find it.

In each section, you can input the parameters for your pressure vessel 3D model, for instance ‘Vessel Internal Diameter’, ‘Tan-Tan Length’, ‘Thickness’, ‘Straight Flange’, ‘No. of Shells’, and other similar details, clicking on the ‘Draw 3D’ button to generate your design. The resulting item is solid 3D model of pressure vessel  and can be used both to generate  ‘Elevation View’ and ‘Plan View’ drawings or for FEA purpose in FEA software such as ANSYS.

Moreover, PV3D for ZWCAD+ Pro is capable of generating the ‘Bill Of Materials’ (BOM) for vessels and nozzles, enabling you to determine the precise quantity of raw material that you will need, exporting the resulting data to a CSV document.

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