artifex Utilities


Version:V 12


Size: 512 MB

Update Date:2020-01-15


Required application:ZWCAD 2018 Pro

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Who's turning lines (arcs, which connect tangentially to existing lines) constructed manually, knows how to appreciate the offer automatic function.Axis grid for their floor plans to create about input masks. Several grids are mixed. The grid configuration can be saved and inserted into other drawings True coordinates (referenced). An axial grid are available: Cartesian and polar grids, individual axes and axes that are aligned to an element. Text, color and line type are adjustable. Similarly, the grid can be scaled scale-dependent.Create a few clicks leaf edges in scale-dependent variable. In addition to the DIN formats to proprietary formats can be entered. Boundary lines and fold marks, and automatic text can be inserted. Here too, colors and line attributes are freely adjustable. The settings can be stored for reuse

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