artifex Reinforcement


Version:V 12


Size: 512 MB

Update Date:2020-01-15


Required application:ZWCAD 2018 Pro

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When entering a model is created in a database. Any number of representations of this model can be inserted and are automatically updated with the specifications of the model.Easy output of steel and mesh schedules, evaluation and further processing is made possible by storing the reinforcement elements in a database.
The use of intelligent parametric objects available for insertion of reinforcement in any CAD - drawing.Special 2 - or 3-dimensional objects as "scarf edges" are not required to, using the artifex - find building design or special features of the program, but using reinforcement.Special bending forms. Through a special non-standard forms, almost all special area of the reinforcement, such as tunnels or 3D reinforcement - forms are produced and laid.The high degree of automation and reduce the interaction between the representations of the time required for the installation and allow such input the creation of new positions by copying and modifying existing positions.
automatic Masstabsänderungen
Working with different STANDARDS is supported in several ways. Thus, the element representations are scaled to achieve the same model range of different magnifications. Otherwise, the size and distribution line of the texts are varied in order to work with layouts or spreadsheet files. An "input factor" allows the interception of lengths of differently scaled scarf edges.

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