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Size: 4 MB

Update Date:2013-11-25


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2014 Std

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EZ-Plant Software Inc. is an add-on landscape design software that was developed for landscape architects by landscape architects. Designers using Autocad, Bricscad or ZWCAD can utilize EZ-Plant for their landscape design needs. EZ-Plant is now supported by the Green Building Alliance (GBA) and provides native and adapted plants for their users designing for the Sustainable Sites Initiative that is sweeping the globe. EZ-Plant provides real nursery plants, sizes and costs and is very easy for users to customize, no matter where a project is located, and with automatic text labeling, changes can be accommodated in seconds. Hatched areas shown as ground covers, (mulch or perennials also), are labeled in seconds spelling out the amount of flats needed with the portion of the flat and the amount of plants identified. In February 2012, EZ-Plant releases the all metric version for areas outside North America. Users in Australia, UK and other areas that uses plants from these locations, will now have plants just how they are sold in nurseries from these areas. EZ-Plant conveniently lists the native habitats of every plant with the USDA hardiness zone ranges. We also show xeriscape plants, for plants needing little water and we list important growth characteristics like mature height and spread of every plant. This is critical information for designers to have at their fingertips when preparing planting plans. We also identify Green Roof plants and vertical wall plantings. As an Add-on to EZ-Plant, we also distribute EZ-Perennials. This is a mailed CD that contains photos of more than a thousand plants displaying cultural data and photographs of all the perennials to provide designers with this critical design supplement. With this, EZ-Plant includes a more than 150 plant database of plants to correlate with the plants in CD in both metric and Imperial format.


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