MDT - Point Cloud




Size: 7 MB

Update Date:2017-11-15


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2012 Pro, ZWCAD+ 2015 Pro, ZWCAD 2017 Pro, ZWCAD 2018 Pro

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Point Clouds

It is possible to manage millions of points imported from files in common formats: generic scanner files and LIDAR standard format files.
The application allows the users to import several point clouds separately or import them to a single file, with all information stored in each point.
Points Visualization
Visualization can be set up in orthographic or perspective mode, and it has tools for zooming, panning and changing viewpoints , etc.
Points can be viewed in natural colour, intensity or category. The amount percentage of points to be displayed and the pixel size of the points can be controlled. The point cloud can also be viewed in stereoscopic mode with active and passive systems.
On opening a drawing with TcpMDT, the users can control the visibility of every layer.
The quick profile option enables the users to get an immediate view on the profile which is on a reference plane and generated from a polyline drawn on the screen.
By executing the command, MDT presents profile by generating an image consisting of the projection of  points selected within a distance, with real coordinates and size,  which allows the user to draw it in the viewer or on the CAD.
More accurate results can be obtained by drawing alignments or importing them from TcpMDT.  Profiles and cross sections are created by alignments and can be drawn manually or directly on the CAD.
Digital Terrain Model
The software features several options for selecting the points to be processed. Thus, points can be filtered in accordance with their position or category, and the boundary can be delimited by a rectangle or 3D box.
Once the points are selected,  the digital model  can be created. The result can be viewed on the point cloud and also be stored as a surface or mesh. 

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