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With this app you can define rectangular viewports with desired scale in model space and then insert them in layout space. Objects in model and layout are bidirectionally connected, after changing one another will be automaticly adjusted. Application require free OpenDCL runtime in version > 8.0. To download go to:


v 1.6.2 (2015.10.06)

  • new: show/hide objects names next to frames in the model space and viewports in layouts

  • new: quick commands:

    • VPMN: show/hide names

    • VPMC: toggle viewports copying option

    • VPMD: toggle display objects frames in layouts

  • new: keyboard shortcuts in main window:

    • DELETE: "DEL" or "D"

    • EDIT: "E"

    • INSERT: "W" or "R"

  • fix: reactor functions, application should be more stable under specific circumstances

  • fix: generating names of imported viewports

  • fix: minor bugs which I don't remember now ;)

v 1.6.1 (2015.09.21)

  • new: rebuilt layers options, more information on application website

  • new: ability of changing relative viewports insertion point "live" by pressing TAB or "W" "A" "S" "D"

  • new: function to set 2D (0 0 1) viewing direction for all viewports

  • fix: errors with non integer scales

v 1.6.0 (2015.09.01)

  • new: object list in main windows is being refreshed instantly

  • new: import existing viewports from the layouts to the application objects

  • new: changing objects names by getting text from other drawing objects

  • new: application update check and download

  • new: display objects names and scale during inserting viewports in the paper space

  • fix: minor errors (scale list, modifying elements on locked layers)

v 1.5.1 (2015.07.31)

  • fix: small bug which sometimes changed viewport's target and direction randomly. This time it wasn't reactor...

v 1.5 (2015.07.01)

  • fix: few more reactor errors, bloody reactors... ;)

  • new: rebuilt program engine, vieports are being updated on the fly, not like before after layout change -> get rid of painful functions which made a mess.

  • new: function which keeps rectangles rectangular ;). Now it's much faster, especially in big drawings.

  • new: rebuilt application layout.

  • new: right click in viewports list opens context menu.

  • new: added WildCards filter to viewports list.

  • new: batch rename viewports names.

  • new: copy/paste viewports object from other drawings.

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