$ 1500 one year lease



Size: 45 MB

Update Date:2015-08-20


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2012 Pro

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EPLANT-Piping is a computer aided design system for 3D Equipment and Piping layout, Material Management. EPLANT-Piping is built as a graphic application running on both AutoCAD® and ZWCAD+, integrated with a data base material management system.

EPLANT-Piping has been designed to minimize data input during project execution using a Parametric Component Catalog, Piping Specifications and Dimensional Standards.
All traditional engineering documents, such as: Plant Layouts, 2D Orthographic drawings, Isometric drawings, MTO and Material Requirements are automatically generated from the 3D models. In this way, a high degree of consistency is attained within the produced documentation.

All graphic files produced with EPLANT-Piping are 100% compatible with the native dwg format file. No custom objects are used.

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