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Update Date:2014-07-16

Industry:General Tools

Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2014 Std, ZWCAD+2012 Pro, ZWCAD+2012 Std

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Description of Plan2Folio

Plan2folio is a software that enables the generation and the quick ploting at scale of sheets set. It is available in French and English release.

Plan2Folio offers five main commands:

  • ECHELLE2FOLIO which enables to choose easily between the standardized scales, which one is suitable.
  • PLAN2FOLIO which operates from a given pattern and a given scale, the cutting up of an area of a drawing into a set of views.
  • INDEX2FOLIO which numbers again a set of views whom quantity or places would have been modified ( with COPY, DELETE or MOVE commands ).
  • IMP2FOLIO which sends to a ploter without any setting up, one or all of the views, and especially with PDFCreator for the creation of notebook in PDF format.
  • PRES2FOLIO which generates in paper space, presentations linked to the views and ready to be ploted on a chosen ploter.

The software has also four others commands:

  • ATTRIBUT2FOLIO which enables to fill out globaly the attributes of the blocks of views.
  • PURGE2FOLIO which clears and purges all the entities created by the software, excepted the eventually generated presentations which are prefixed by "folio-".
  • GELER2FOLIO which frozes the specific layer of the software, and thus makes vanishing the views from the objects space.
  • DEGELER2FOLIO which unfrozes the views in the objects space.

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