Languages:English; Spanish; Portughese

Size: 20 MB

Update Date:2015-08-20


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2012 Pro

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EPLANT-P&ID is a computer aided design system to draw Process and Instrumentation Diagrams, process flow diagrams and to automatically obtain line, equipment, instrument, fitting and valve lists. The system is built as a graphic application running on AutoCAD and ZWCAD, with a data base module used to integrate project’s diagrams.

EPLANT-P&ID has a predefined graphic symbol library (ISA standard), easily modifiable by the user.

The user can specify which information is automatically copied from the drawing files to the data base module and modify all report formats. Each object type (Equipment, Control Valves, Relief Valves, etc.) can have a different data structure.

Data Architecture insures consistency even when working with several hundreds P&IDs, and avoid duplicating tags.

Flow Composition Tables (in xls format) can be automatically integrated in the data base reports, via linking with the corresponding pipe line.

EPLANT generates drawing files in native dwg format only: no fancy “custom objects” that break down dwg compatibility.

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