Languages:English; Spanish; Polish

Size: 10 MB

Update Date:2013-11-19

Industry:General Tools

Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro

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 CAD-Autoblock lets you locate and generate automatically blocks just selecting a group of drawing entities.

 Many times we find drawings where not CAD blocks have been used to organize groups of entities or maybe all these blocks have been “exploded”. This leads to many problems; for example, when you need to substitute some entities by others, or when you want to count existing elements, or even if you need to turn these groups of entities into a block.

With this program we eliminate these problems, because thanks to CAD-Autoblock, we are going to be able to organize individual drawing entities in equal blocks, to take advantage of all the possibilities of the use of blocks in CAD as well.

If, for example, you are trying to perform the measurement of a plan and a furniture piece drawing is composed by individual entities (polylines, lines or arcs, etc) you cannot count all these items automatically and must perform a visual calculation of the elements, thus having many chances of having mistakes and making it in a very slow way.

With CAD-AutoBlock you only need to select the entities that compose the block and the program locates automatically in our drawing all the coincidences. Then, a block with the selected entities will be created and each group of entities detected will be replaced by a block insertion.

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